Why winter makes the coronavirus pandemic worse

Ever since Coronavirus started, people have been talking about a winter wave. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)

This is the idea that viruses have a bigger effect during the cold winter months, than they do in the summer.

We’re not just talking about coronavirus – Other illnesses – like the flu, and even the common cold – seem to be far more widespread during the Winter.

So why do viruses have a bigger impact when it’s cold?

Dr Aldridge is leading the ‘Virus Watch’, run by University College London. Over 33,500 people are taking part in the study, across England and Wales. But they urgently need more people to take part – especially those from a minority ethnic background, so they can examine whether there is a relationship between infection risk, seasonality and ethnicity.

You can find out more details and how to get involved here: https://ucl-virus-watch.net/


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