October 17, 2021

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Why FGM-148 Javelin Missile The Best Tank Busters

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The Javelin Missile is a manportable, fire-and-forget, anti tank missile employed by dismounted infantry to defeat current and future threat armored combat vehicles. It is intended to exchange the Dragon Missile system in the Army and the Marine Corps.

The Javelin’s normal engagement mode is top-attack to penetrate the tank’s most vulnerable armor. It also has a direct-attack capability to engage targets with overhead cover or in bunkers. Its "soft launch" allows employment from within buildings and enclosed fighting positions.

The soft launch signature limits the gunner’s exposure to the enemy, thus increasing survivability. Javelin Missile also much more lethal than Dragon Missile. It has a top attack dual warhead capability which can defeat all known enemy armor systems. In other words, Javelin is a tactical precision engagement system that enhances the Army’s ability to dominate the ground maneuver battle. Its impact on scout capabilities are going to be significant. It will allow dismounted scouts to execute reconnaissance and combat patrols with a relatively lightweight thermal sight and also give dismounted patrols the potential of handling unexpected armoured vehicle threats.

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