WATCH: Biden says climate change puts ‘our health and our jobs’ at stake

During the final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden on Oct. 22, Biden said that climate change is “an existential threat to humanity,” and that “we have a moral obligation to deal with it.” He pointed to the Trump administration’s decision to roll back many environmental protection policies that were implemented during former President Barack Obama’s two terms in office, claiming that four more years of Trump would put the U.S. “in real trouble” when it comes to climate.

Biden also said that his climate plan would “create millions of new, good paying jobs,” invest in 50,000 electric car charging stations along American highways and retrofit millions of existing homes and buildings in order to make them more energy efficient. He emphasized that “our health and our jobs are at stake,” and cited one economic study that suggests his plan would create 18.6 million jobs, an increase of 7 million compared to Trump’s plan.

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