WATCH: Barr claims protests are being hijacked by ‘instigators’

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, asked Attorney General William Barr about incidents of violence during protests in major cities against police use of force and racial injustice.
“Have you ever seen so many people hurt, injured and killed at peaceful protests in your life?” Gohmert asked Barr.
“I haven’t seen it, no, not at a peaceful protest,” Barr responded. “Obviously, as I’ve said from the beginning, these peaceful protests in many places are being hijacked by a very hard core of violent instigators.”
Gohmert questioned Barr during a committee hearing examining whether he inappropriately politicized the Justice Department. Democrats launched the investigation earlier this year over Barr’s handling of the case against Roger Stone, a close ally of President Donald Trump, whose 40-month prison sentence was commuted by the president this month. Democrats have since expanded their probe to several subsequent episodes in which they believe Barr is working for Trump’s own benefit.

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