September 22, 2021

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WATCH: Asked about racist abuse on Jan. 6, officer Dunn says, ‘I guess it is America’

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Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., asked Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn to reflect upon the question he posed when remembering the day he and his colleagues responded to the Jan. 6 attack: “Is this America?”

“Frankly, I guess it is America,” Dunn said, referring to the racist abuse he and other officers of color suffered that day. “It shouldn’t be. But I guess that’s the way that things are.” He added that the officers and lawmakers present at the select committee hearing to investigate the attack represented a better side of the country that appeals to the good in people, and wants to do the right thing. Dunn said he was encouraged by that. A teary-eyed Schiff replied that he had faith in the U.S. because of folks like Dunn. “I’m so grateful to all of you,” Schiff said to the officers who offered testimony.

Source: PBS NewsHour

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