Vallance says 6,000 new Covid cases a day in UK, doubling every seven days

Patrick Vallance said the epidemic was doubling “roughly every seven days” and said government modelling showed that could mean about 50,000 cases per day by mid-October. That, in turn, would lead to 200 deaths per day by mid-November.

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Vallance said there had been an increase in positive cases across all age groups, which was not down to increased testing.

Citing the ONS study, he said that it was now estimated that roughly 70,000 in the UK were infected with Covid and about 6,000 a day were getting the infection.

He said being infected with Covid previously was “not an absolute protection” and that the vast majority of the population was not immune. The antibody response “fades over time” he said, pointing to some cases of reinfection.

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