Thousands turn out across Russia to protest Navalny arrest | DW News

Russian police have made hundreds of arrests, as supporters of jailed opposition figure Alexei Navalny have taken to the streets in large protests nationwide. His wife, Yulia Navalnaya, has been detained after marching for his release at an anti-government protest in Moscow. On Instagram, Ms. Navalnaya posted a picture of herself in a police van — apparently taken near the Kremlin. She was one of tens of thousands protesting perceived Kremlin corruption and the wrongful arrest of her husband. With chants of "Putin is a criminal" and "Freedom for Navalny" thousands of demonstrators are rallying throughout Russia.
Government officials say at least 4000 people gathered in Moscow’s Pushkinskaja Ploshad. Independent observers put the number at more than 10 times that.
Police have detained hundreds of participants at the unsanctioned demonstration. Including prominent supporters of Alexei Navalny like his aide, Lubov Sobol.
The jailed opposition leader called for the demonstrations after he was arrested at a Moscow airport and quickly sentenced to 30 days in jail.
Most organizers didn’t apply for permits expecting they wouldn’t be granted. And – ahead of the protest – authorities warned security forces would be deployed, citing concerns about the COVID pandemic.
More than 1,000 people have been detained throughout the country as part of the largest opposition action in years…seen as a test of strength in Alexei Navalny’s battle with the Kremlin.


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