Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh still hope to return to Myanmar | DW News

Stateless Rohingya Muslims face constant setbacks in returning to their Myanmar homeland.
Battered by monsoon rains, Rohingya refugees try to rebuild their makeshift dwellings in the world’s largest refugee camp.
Tens of thousands were left without shelter when fire tore through their Cox’s Bazar camp in March. Eleven people were killed.
The fire was the start of another miserable chapter for the displaced Rohingya, who fled their homes in Myanmar after the military launched a crackdown against the Muslim minority.
Now, nearly a million of them live in squalid conditions in camps in neighboring Bangladesh.
The pandemic has made it much harder for international aid to get through. The Rohingya are worried they’ll be forgotten.
The United Nations is appealing for more funding to help the Rohingya to return home.


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