Last-ditch negotiations as Brexit deadline approaches | DW News

EU and British negotiators resumed talks in a last-ditch bid to hammer out an agreement before the transition period ends at the end of December.
The UK’s chief negotiator David Frost traveled to Brussels to meet with his EU counterpart, Michel Barnier — although no concessions have been made on either side in recent weeks. The UK formally left the EU in January this year, but remains in the bloc’s single market and customs union until the end of 2020.

Should no deal be reached by the New Year deadline, the two sides face tariffs and trade quotas as well as tighter customs controls — wreaking economic havoc. Von der Leyen and Johnson are due to talk again on Monday to assess whether the negotiations are worth continuing.
Speed is key, as the new deal must be unanimously backed by the EU’s remaining 27 member-states. Leaders are due to arrive in Brussels on Thursday for a two-day EU summit.


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