DWB (Driving While Black) – by Roy Zimmerman featuring Clovice Lewis

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"DWB (Driving While Black)"
words and music copyright © 2014 by Roy Zimmerman

I pulled you over
‘cause you were speeding
Do you know how black you were going?
I had you clocked at fifty miles per black
In a forty-five blacks per hour zone

I’ll be right black
When I’ve run your license
Just sit black and re-blax

Step out of the vehicle, son
Come with me
Gonna book you on a DWB

You put your hands up
So, naturally
I thought you had a gun up there
Hidden somewhere in mid-air

And you said, "Don’t shoot"
You tried to flee
Which I took as an attack
And shot you five times in the back

I chased you down ‘cause
You had a pocket knife
I thought you might be joining the Swiss Army

Or stealing Skittles
Or passing twenties
Or otherwise compromising Western Civilization

Oh you can’t breathe
No you can’t breathe
You can’t breathe, you can’t breathe

That’s what they all say
Come quietly
I’ll book you on a DOA-WB

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