Drug Lord Disguises Himself as a Community Benefactor | The FBI Files

Ken Jones publicly donated to urban charities to hide his cocaine business from scrutiny. Unravel the mystery alongside the FBI’s greatest law enforcers and forensic scientists. FULL EPISODE: https://youtu.be/bDN7a-z-Ns0

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On a warm summer night in 1990, the body of a suspected drug courier was discovered burning in a Minnesota alleyway. The FBI teamed up with local police to uncover a dangerous crime ring run by a vicious drug lord who used violence and intimidation to keep those around him quiet.

The FBI Files is an American docudrama that takes a look behind the scenes of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s crime laboratory.

Real FBI cases are recounted through reenactments and interviews, due to the sensitive nature of the show, viewer discretion is advised.

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