Coronavirus infections in Germany top 1 million, AstraZeneca plans new vaccine trials | DW News

Germany passed 1 million cases of coronavirus since the pandemic began, according to figures compiled by the US Johns Hopkins University. The grim milestone was passed after German health authorities recorded 22,268 new cases on Thursday, and 389 deaths. Overall, 15,160 people have died. Germany has extended its partial lockdown into December. Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended the extension of the partial lockdown in a speech to lawmakers. She said the current measures had enjoyed some success, but more was needed to avoid the health system being overwhelmed.

Americans awoke on Thursday to celebrate a Thanksgiving Day like no other, with families urged to avoid gatherings to prevent spreading the coronavirus that has killed more than 260,000 US citizens. The world’s largest parade, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, a mainstay of the festivities, has been scaled down this year, with the millions who typically attend staying home and the procession lasting for one block, rather than two miles (3.2 kilometers). Many families are left resigned to online meetings as they tuck in to their Thanksgiving turkey dinners. But the TSA reported more than 6 million airline passengers passed through US airports between Friday and Wednesday, making it the busiest weekend since mid-March. Medical experts have expressed fears that the holiday season will cause more surges in infections.

UK asks regulator to study AstraZeneca COVID vaccine. The vaccine is said to be on average about 70% effective, but there have been some concerns after controversy emerged surrounding the study. If it is approved, the first doses could be given out by the end of the year. Now AstraZeneca is planning an additional global trial of its COVID-19 vaccine.


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