Are you a republican supporting Donald Trump then  you are supporting these groups. There's no separation. Read this so you can never look back and say. "I never knew."

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IKEA’s New Green Image: Some Assembly Required

Sweden’s most recognizable export – IKEA – is trying to change perceptions among consumers, transforming itself from famous maker of disposable furniture to archetype for sustainability. #Profiles #BloombergQuicktake #Business ——– Like this video? Subscribe: QuickTake Originals is Bloomberg’s official premium video…

Why a U.S.-China Space Race is a Good Thing

While a cold-war scenario has dangerous political and economic implications, a race deeper into the cosmos, like any good rivalry, could be a huge benefit for space and other industries. #China #Space #BloombergQuicktake ——– Like this video? Subscribe: QuickTake Originals is…