October 17, 2021

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Brian Ross Investigates New Evidence Rrevealed in the Case Against a Man Known as ‘The Apostle’

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This week on Brian Ross Investigates:

It’s supposed to be President Trump’s triumphant week, even with a virtual convention. But the Manhattan district attorney is close to getting the Trump tax returns in an investigation officials say involves tax, insurance and bank fraud. Ross discusses.

Also, win or lose this November, Donald Trump and his Trump organization could face criminal charges. We’ll talk with John Moscow, a former top prosecutor in the district attorney’s office, and David Cay Johnston, the Pulitzer prize winning journalist who has tracked Trump’s every move.

Plus, dramatic new evidence revealed in the case against a man known as the Apostle, the leader of a church that claims five million members. State agents describing how he uses the power of his religious authority to terrify the young girls they say have become his sex servants. We’ll hear from one of the young women who has paid the price for coming forward and challenging the apostle.

Finally, this week’s winners and losers in the media. See if you agree with the choices by the editors of Mediaite.

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