BRI: Former Playboy Playmate Says Trump Gifted Her a Metal Crucifix and Other Religious Items

This week on Brian Ross Investigates:

Rhonda Schwartz – Law&crime Network
Carol Heller – Attorney
David Cay Johnston – Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist/Author, “the Making Of Donald Trump"
Aidan Mclaughlin – Editor In Chief, Mediaite

Former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal tells us Trump gifted her a metal crucifix and religious items during their 10-month long affair in 2006-2007. This news horrified Richard Cavalli, the original owner. He sold his home to Trump in 2007. According to Cavalli, Trump toured the home before the sale, saw the items in his mother’s bedroom and insisted they be included in the sale because of their importance to him.
After successfully suing to get out of a non-disclosure contract, McDougal is speaking out about the alleged affair, exclusively, with Brian Ross Investigates

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