Blark and Son’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse Sees Himself in Son – Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz

Christopher Mintz-Plasse talks about his series “Blark and Son,” looks back on his role as McLovin, and plays a round of F**k, Marry, Kill with famous puppets. (Contains strong language.)

00:00 Christopher Mintz-Plasse joins Josh Horowitz for Stir Crazy
00:30 Christopher talks about being a part of Blark and Son
01:30 Christopher reveals how he thinks that the puppet of Son looks like him
02:00 Josh and Christopher play F**k, Marry, Kill: Puppet Edition
02:58 Does Christopher miss being called McLovin by people on the street?
04:37 Christopher describes how he voices Son in Blark and Son
05:03 Josh challenges Christopher to make character voices for made-up characters
06:59 What did Christopher think of the "Kick Ass" reference in "Wandavision"?
07:25 Josh asks Christopher some tough Would You Rather… questions

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Source: Comedy Central

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