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Beirut bride describes moment explosion hit during photoshoot: ‘We are still in shock’

Israa Seblani, 29, was smiling and posing for her wedding video when the Beirut explosion hit. Dramatic footage captured the moment the blast rocked the Lebanese capital, killing more than 135 people and injuring thousands more.
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Speaking a day later at the same site, Seblani, a doctor who works in the US and was in the city for her wedding, said: ‘There is no word to explain … I was shocked, I was wondering: what happened, am I going to die?’ Her husband, Ahmad Subeih, 34, a businessman from Beirut, said: ‘We are still in shock … I have never heard anything similar to the sound of this explosion’

‘We are still in shock’: Beirut bride’s wedding video captures explosion ►

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